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At eighty years Pete don't need our help * Out on the trail on his Beta Alp * Then one cold day with the lane in flood * He disappeared beneath the - Binstead mud * CHORUS * Its not too early and its not too late * They'll ride on forever past their sell by date * Is it a legend? Just a fairy tale? * Or are they out there somewhere - on the trail? * From Bologne to Annonay - as we hoped he might * Roy kept his van strictly to the right * But once on his moto - took a left hand line * Dived into a lane he found there - just in time * CHORUS * With two tyre clamps when we all use one * Alfs punctured wheel was gonna be no fun * Caused by a washer that hed left behind * The names we called him then were - most unkind * CHORUS * Jim tried a section never tried before * Gave himself a clean 'though it left him sore * With "Begins" in the bath - "Ends" in the loo * Told us himself - so it must be true * CHORUS * Dik rode his buggy around Paignton Zoo * But took a wrong turn the way fukarwes do * Caught between steps and trials terrain * Had a great big "Three" to get back - out again * CHORUS * Someone who's name now I can't recall * Discovered that pride comes before a fall * Through slippery fords now - he'll try to pass * On both wheels instead of - on his arse * CHORUS