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Farnham and Haslemere Motorcycle Clubs
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The Clubs
Events: Both clubs effectively operate as one today. Two major events are organised with Haslemere hosting a round of The Star Group Championship and Farnham a Pre '67 and twin shock event. Haslemere's traditional "Haslemere Cup" trial was changed to "The Derek Holdsworth Trial" for 2012 in memory of Dik who did so much for the club and who could always be guaranteed to make any social event a success with his outspoken humour. The the trial was held on a new piece of land that Dik did the groundwork in procuring. The Farnham Club's "Phil Mellers Trial" has traditionally started at Headley Park and attracts a large entry with trophies commemorating great riders from Farnham: Phil, Bert Gaymer and Len Heath, together with past members who did a lot for the club. A well represented work party organise these trials who enjoy plotting and testing sections, clearing new sections and having convivial lunches at nearby venues. A full team of observers can always be called upon to fully man up to 16 sections. Members contest the Star Group championship for both inter club and individual contests. Closed to club events have also been organised in recent years.

Trail Riding club members go under the name of “The Fukarwies” and enjoy regular outings on the Surrey and Hampshire byways, and in recent years have organised some superb trips to France where they were guided through the mountains by French hosts who ensured that lengthy lunches and dinners were enjoyed as much as the motorcycling.

Social: As well as regular Wednesday meetings for Farnham (from 10:00 pm at Frensham British Legion) and Haslemere (from 9:30 pm at The Black Fox Liphook) A combined dinner is organised each year and subsidised by the club. Outings are organised which in recent years have include Sammy Millers museum, The Dirt Bike Show and Motorcycle lectures and film shows at Beaulieu.

News Letter: Norman Gray regularly produces the best newsletter in the business which is guaranteed to inform and amuse. This is only available to members of either club in printed format and it is worth joining just for that.

Club Officials
Seretary: Alan Sylvester, Readhearn, Old Kiln Lane, Churt, Farnham, Surrey. GU10 2EF
Chairman: Ron Burningham, 10 Pineridge Drive, The Bourne, Farnham, Surrey. GU10 3JP
Treasurer and Internet: John Johns, Lane End, Carlisle Road, Rushmoor, Farnham, Surrey.
GU10 2EF

Secretary: John Sapsard, 13 Windsor Rd, Lindford, Bordon, GU35 0RY -Tel: 01420 473 687
Treasurer and Newsletter: Norman Gray, Summer Place, 87 Forest Road, Whitehill, Hants. GU35 9BA.

Farnham Club History
How It Began: Farnham club existed before the war in the Len Heath era, but no records of that period have been found. The club in its present form started in 1958, firstly with a few young enthusiasts from the Farnham area joining the Alton Club's summer evening fun with such activities as towing each other in trays behind bikes in a field. A formal Farnham Club was discussed and it was decided to go into The Southern ACU centre instead of the South Eastern which was allowed for clubs within ten miles of the border. It started under the secretaryship of Owen Roberts (Robby) who lived opposite The Spotted Cow where meetings were held in the early years on Wednesday evenings. Since then meetings have been held every Wednesday, moving first to The Cricketers Farnham and then to the current venue of Frensham British Legion where such great riders as Bert Gaymer and Phil Mellers were regular attendees.

Sporting Events: In it's most active period through the sixties and seventies an annual series of club trials known as The 3 Fs were held together with a scramble, a grass track, two open to centre trials, a novice trial and a three stage trial. The Grass Track was held for several years in Farnham Park to coincide with the Carnival before moving to Ash and then Blacknest. The scramble was first held in Headley Park and subsequently adjacent farmland, Dockenfield and for two years as the Khukri Trophy in aid of The Ghurkhas at Weavers Down. There was access to an enviable supply of trials land in the days when these were joined by roadwork, but also enough venues with parking for our club events to be held on single pieces of land. In addition to these conventional sporting events, the club has also run moto-ball, bicycle trials, road trials and treasure hunts.

Social: An annual dinner has been held most years in various formats, usually incorporating a dance and sometimes with a famous guest speaker. Guest speakers have also been invited to club evenings for talks including great evenings with John Surtees, Jeff Smith and Les Archer. There have been barn dances, skittles evenings, film shows and quiz nights.

Trail Riding: The club "invented" trail riding. Initially when no sporting events took place on Armistice Sunday, a group would take to the lanes for trials practice which continued at other times on trials bikes until trail bikes came onto the market.

Some "unconventional" memories are of "Robbies" insistence of having a right hand corner in our first grass track "to catch them out". When all trials were cancelled during the '60s foot & mouth outbreak the club trial went ahead in John Johns' Garden, and another event was held in Norman Gray's Garden. The club was banned from ever returning to the Queens Hotel following an impromptu pram race involving Ray Blackwell and others during an early dinner.

A reciprocal membership with Haslemere ran for many years allowing members to compete in both Southern and South Eastern Centre events, and for a while this extended to Berkhamsted for South Midland events. Both clubs now virtually run as one although finances are separate.

Haslemere Club History
How It Began: Haslemere Club was formed in 1954 as an ACU club in the South Eastern Centre. First meetings were at the nissen hut accommodation of Haslemere British Legion on Friday evenings. One of the conditions of tenure was to paint the roof each year which was accomplished by pouring paint onto the top and distributing it with yard brooms. A cycle speedway track was build on commonland which attracted a surprising number of spectators for Sunday events. Bill Bridger was secretary and leading light, lending his influence to a great social scene. Meetings subsequently moved to Beacon Hill British Legion, The Railway Tavern, Ripsley Cricket Club, Grayshot Club, The Deers Hut, The Prince of Wales, The Royal Oak and to the current venue of The Black Fox at Liphook.

Sporting Events: Two major trials were held annually, "The Punch Bowl" open to centre and "The Haslemere Cup" round of The Star Group Series. The Punch Bowl was for a period a forerunner of both today’s Hare and Hounds and three stage trials, with the first stage as a conventional trial and the second timed only with a mark lost for each minute slower than the fastest rider. Closed to club events were held regularly with the Christmas Trial incorporating a social event at lunch time (usually two hours in the nearest pub) then returning, probably unwisely, to the trial in the afternoon. Evening trials often incorporated a barbecue. For several years there were Dik Holdworth inspired very popular arena trials at fetes and fairs where competitors would ride over cars and through water splashes etc. At one event Linda Freeman dashed into the arena complaining loudly of the way “her” car was being treated and chased Dik with an umbrella to the amusement of all. Dik also brought along his “trick” bicycles with reverse steering and eccentrically spoked wheels. Less sporting events such as treasure hunts were often organised and at Ripsley, evening bicycle trials and even bicycle motocross before the days of BMX took place.

Social: An annual dinner has been held most years in various formats, usually incorporating a dance, and for a period a long speech from Will Puttock which was accepted together with his financial contribution to club funds. These were very well attended high profile events held at such venues as The Huts, Punchbowl and Leith Hill Hotels. The evening could always be judged as going well when founder member and president Keith Dobson got down to his string vest. Time obviously passed at a slower rate then as dinner, speeches, awards presentation, dancing and drinking all fitted easily between 8:00 and midnight, as any later was considered Sunday so bars had to close. The highlight of the year was often The Tramp Supper. Most members arrived looking the genuine article, still common at the time, with amusing tales of visits to pubs en-route. A King Tramp was elected and pints of beer were poured into his crown at the coronation and sausage and mash throwing contests were not unknown. It is not surprising that it never seemed to be held at the same venue twice with more than one venue discouraging a return. Some years it was held as a fancy dress event with some brilliant costumes, always home made with no one ever considering hiring them. Dick Hutcheson did a convincing vicar and one year was seen preaching to some doting ladies in the venue’s bar. A Summer Dance was held for many years and during the Ripsley Cricket Club period with Teresa Reffold as secretary and a large road riding membership, very well attended rallies were held at Ripsley, Rake, Chiddingfold and Polecat Hill, Haslemere. There have also been skittles, Star Group Darts Championship, club outings and visits to clubs with other interests (aero etc.). For several years a group went to visit Bill Bridger Near Saint Ives in Cornwall, staying in a hotel on the beach which coincided with The Macmillan Nurses annual party which we were invited to. One year this trip incorporated an hilarious evening at Jethro’s Club en-route. Members would often meet at The Swan on Saturday evenings before attending one of the "Gum Boot Dances" held in village halls. Bob Arnold would always announce his arrival by doing a handstand in the middle of the dance floor and singing We Wish You A Merry Christmas while the change cascaded from his pockets.

Trail Riding: Haslemere joined Farnham in its trail riding activities in later years.

A reciprocal membership with Farnham ran for many years allowing members to compete in both Southern and South Eastern Centre events, and for a while this extended to Berkhamsted for South Midland events. Both clubs now virtually run as one although finances are separate

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