Great mountain bike rides in the surrey hampshire border area
Frensham Ponds, Alice Holt Forest, Shipwrights Way, Arford, The Flashes.


Approx 21 miles with alternatives for any of the more extreme sections. Taking in Frensham Ponds, some great trails leading to the bike trails at Alice Holt Forest, The Shipwrights Way , then some interesting trails linking up the return route.

Map of Route

Alice Holt Trail Map

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Proceed along Kings Ridge (in an approx N direction) with views of Frensham Great Pond to your left and the Little Pond to your right.

Photo Great Pond Photo of Little Pond
Keep to the left side of the ridge where the trail forks. As it starts to descend through trees, look out for a single track to your left. Take the trail to the right of a gulley.

Photo of Kings Ridge Photo of descent
This is a nice, short, fairly steep descent but you will brush past gorse and holly. Cross a sandy bridleway at the bottom and continue on the single track to the A287. CAUTION: this is a fast road with poor sighting. Cross straight over and bear left on the minor road which passes FRENSHAM GREAT POND CAR PARK on your left. At a left hand bend at the bottom of a descent the road passes close to the lake. Here, the entrance to a bridleway leads between railings to your right.

Photo of Great Pond Photo of bridleway
This is an interesting single track beside Moors Pond and The River Wey.
You may find a couple of mud patches here which can usually be bypassed. The trail ends in the driveway of Frensham Mill.

Photo of Frensham Mill Photo of Millpond
Turn left on the road and proceed a short distance to a T junction. Turn left here and very shortly there is a house to your right with a bridleway entrance beside it.

Photo of BW Entrance
An excellent single track leading gently uphill between fields.
Photo of BW Entrance Photo of BW
Bear right at houses and continue uphill on a short surfaced access road. At the end continue on a narrow single track climbing through trees. At the top turn left onto a driveway, passing The Blue Bell pub on your right before arriving at a T junction. Turn right on the road and follow it for something over half mile. At the bottom of the second descent there is a surfaced road to your right, but just before it there is an easily missed byway to your left. This is Hardings Ride and leads to Alice Holt Forest.

Photo of Hardings Ride
At first it has a gravel surface but after passing through a gate you may find a mud patch which can normally be ridden around. You will come to a trail with a hard surface crossing the byway. This is part of the Alice Holt cycle network and here, you have a choice. You can turn right and follow the cycle route signs. This is a pleasant undulating ride on a hard surface for about two miles.

Photo of Hardings Ride Photo
At marker number 20 you will pass a trail leading off to ROWLEDGE CHURCH CAR PARK. Continue past this on the cycle trail which takes you past Lodge Pond (look out for a turnoff on the right) and eventually to the

VISITOR CENTRECAR PARK, where there is a cafe, bike shop with rental, and various attractions. The trail has an interesting descent after the Cafe and comes to a X junction at the bottom. Turn right here. This is The Shipwrights Way. Ignore right fork and continue uphill on the main trail.

Photo Photo
Choosing the left turn from Hardings Ride and following the cycle route signs is shorter and avoids the Visitor Centre. Continue straight on to the X junction and you will see The Shipwrights Way climbing fairly steeply to your left with the same surface as the cycle trails. It is way-marked with small blue signs.

The trail crosses a road and continues through another section of Alice Holt Forest as a conventional forest trail, mainly down hill with occasional views towards The South Downs.

Photo of Shipwrights Way Photo of Shipwrights Way
Follow the markers at a left then right turn to another road crossing. The markers direct you a short distance to the left then right into Cradle Lane, which is a byway. Once past a short section of access road it becomes a nice flowing downhill, hard surfaced run to a bridge or ford stream crossing.

Photo of Cradle Lane
After this the surface becomes progressively softer and horse eroded so that a short section can become muddy, although in my experience always rideable. It meets a road opposite Headley Park Hotel. Turn right and follow the road for around half a mile. The Shipwrights Way continues on a bridleway on the left. Do not take the first wide driveway past Headley Park but continue to the brow of the hill where a marked but easily missed single track is found. Although there is some horse erosion it's still a great bike lane.

Photo of Shipwrights Way
After crossing a driveway and passing through a gate it continues through woodland, exiting at another gate. Turn left here and continue on the main trail which becomes an uphill farm track, ignoring a gate on your right signed for The Shipwrights Way. At a gate across the main trail turn right on a single track descending between fields - slightly technical in having ruts hidden in long grass.

Photo of BW
Entering a woods you are rewarded with a superb twisting descent down to an ancient stone bridge crossing the River Wey, which is just a stream at this point.

Photo of BW Photo of bridge
The trail then turns left as farm track, then right as a steep single track (somewhat overgrown at the time of writing), bordering a field and emerging onto Frensham Lane near Lindford. Turn left and continue to the second road on the right "The Hanger" (somewhat over half a mile). After a fairly steep climb and descent turn left onto Barley Mow Hill at Arford. Immediately there is a fairly wide trail (footpath) forking uphill on your left.

Photo of Trail Entrance Photo of trail
This is a reasonably steep climb emerging into an access road. As this turns right continue straight on a single track with caution as this is a well used footpath with potential for a fast descent, eventually emerging as a driveway onto Churt Road. Although a fairly narrow lane, this can be a busy road. Pass Spats Lane and Smithfield Lane on your left, then turn left into the next road "Bacon Lane". After passing the first field on your left look out for a bridleway entrance on the left.

Photo of Trail Entrance
This is a pleasant trail twisting through trees with a little easily bypassed horse erosion. Just before meeting a road, turn right onto another bridleway. At first this is a somewhat bland driveway giving access to a small car park for a fishing pond. There is then a short "horsed out" section of muddy single track passing the pond, but "stepping stones" have been laid to the side which can be ridden by the more adept rider or a short walk to where it becomes a nice sandy single track leading to a driveway which climbs to a narrow road. Cross straight over with care as sighting is poor. This bridleway starts as a driveway, becomes a single track with a sharp left turn by a house and emerges as gravel driveway onto a narrow road. Turn right and follow the road round a sharp left then right turn to arrive at Frensham Pond Hotel. Turn right between the hotel and lake into Pond Lane (watch out for ducks) then shortly right into a bridleway which starts as a gravel driveway. Soon after passing the last house (a side trail bypasses a horsed out area) the bridleway forks. Those who like a technical challenge should continue on the left fork where a deep gully climbs steeply with some big steps.

Photo of Trail fork
Alternatively, take the right fork which descends to Simmondstone Lane. Those who like very steep but slightly less technical climbs should look out for a narrow trail on the left

Photo of alternative trail
(continue straight on for an easy option). After a steep climb over roots beware of some ironwork in the middle of the trail as it drops to join the "left fork" trail at its summit. Join this trail by turning right where it soon becomes a driveway meeting a road (Star Hill). Turn right and continue a few meters where Simmondstone Lane joins from the right. If you had opted for the easy route, turn left at the T junction with Simmondstone Lane where an easy road climb brings the three alternatives together. Immediately past Simmondstone Lane on the right a bridleway descends firstly as a driveway, then as a great single track dropping to a stream.

Photo of alternative trail
Fording the stream or crossing a wooden bridge brings you to a short climb to Churt Road. (A more interesting narrow footpath continues without crossing the stream, emerging at the bottom of the Churt Road descent mentioned below.) Turn left and at the bottom of a short descent there is the option of a trail on your left which follows the road uphill before rejoining it, which then comes out in the centre of Churt village. Turn left here and at the top of the hill turn right into Old Kiln Lane by Churt Church. A narrow surfaced road, it has two nice descents with a short climb between them. The second descent requires caution as it ends at a T junction at a (sometimes) busy road (Jumps Road). Turn right here and very shortly into the first left turn, Crosswater Lane. After 100 meters or so look out for a permissive bridleway on the right. This leads to "The Flashes" (a name given to two small ponds) area of heathland. A sandy but rideable trail

Photo of
(look out for side trails bypassing sandy areas) brings you eventually to a three way junction at the foot of The Devils Jumps. Turn left and as the bridleway narrows and becomes deep sand take a narrow side trail to the right. Continue to the end of this avoiding wider turnings to right and left and rejoin the bridleway at a point where it again becomes rideable. The larger of The Flashes is immediately on your left. After very wet weather it is better to look for a narrow trail between bushes on your left which takes you past "The Flashes" as the bridleway can become completely "horsed out" in winter.

Photo of The Flashes Photo of The Flashes
Continue slightly uphill to a T junction with Sandy Lane. Turn left here, cross a small stream (bridge or ford) then turn left onto a bridleway. At a T junction bear left then after a few meters a very nice single track forks to the right. This rejoins the sandy bridleway shortly before a four way junction. Take the right turn where a loose but easily rideable climb brings you to the southern end of Kings Ridge. A section through trees with the possibility of muddy sections, which can be bypassed, brings you back to the start of this description of the ride.

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FRENSHAM LITTLE POND. From the small car park at the corner of Priory Lane on the right from the direction of Frensham. Ride up the byway leading from the car park until the brow of the hill. Turn right and ascend to the top of "Kings Ridge". Continue along Kings Ridge until there is a short trail on your right. Ride across to the other side of the ridge where a right turn puts you on the described route just after the left fork mentioned at the start. If that car park is full (can be busy at weekends and in the "after school run" dog walking period) there is a trail at the back of the main car park where a right turn brings you to the Priory lane one.

FRENSHAM GREAT POND CAR PARK: Exit car park and turn left on the road then follow the route as described.
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ROWLEDGE CHURCH CAR PARK: There is a small car park at St James Church in Rowlege. From the back of the car park a trail goes straight to the Alice Holt Cycle Trail. Turn right and follow the trail as described.
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ALICE HOLT CAR PARK. You will have to pay to park here. The entrance is off of Dockenfield Street, Bucks Horn Oak. You can head straight for The Shipwrights Way and follow the cycle trail at the end.
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