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Auntie Bess and The Old Black Dress © John Johns 2009

Won't you come and see me - I'll tell you the way * And if you started yesterday you'll be here by today * People say they like it here they often come to stay * The old folks like to sit and talk and the children like to play *


So come as you are it's not too far - what you wear we don't care * There’s that old black dress from Auntie Bess and grannies' underwear * Like Mandy from America or Katy from Capri * And the Rock & Roll Band from Switzerland singing yodelodeleidy *

CHORUS All the gang will be here - your friends from way back when * Emilee's been asking me when we'll see you again * And when we've had a drink or two - we'll put on quite a show * And sing the old songs like we used to sing them long ago *


We want to make you welcome here as soon as you arrive * So we'll all be waiting for you at the end of the drive * It's the old house by the riverside where the folks all used to go * In the summer heat you can dangle your feet where the cool waters flow *


You know that we all miss you - you’ve been away too long * With your smiling face , your gentle grace, your loverly lilting song * No one has forgotten you - we know just how you look * You’re the one we need I must concede ‘cos you know how to cook *

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