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Merry England © John Johns 2009

Merry England - you green and pleasant land * To those who know you - to those that understand * With your ragged history - The arrow and the gun * Their songs denounce you * For what in those times and ways they’d all have done *

From your golden valleys - To your rolling hills * To your songs and poetry - That live on still * To your buildings and your people - They lit that flame * Now they speak your language - and play your games *

Those who leave you - Those who choose to stay * Hearts stay with you - When they travel far away * Whether bitter memories - Or a love they can’t explain * It’s all the same to you * When they reach your shores they’re coming home again *


Merry England - Forged by the sea * Merry England - Always home to me *

CHORUS * Merry England - Merry England