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Last Call for Flight 53 John Johns 2008

I'm headed for departures and it seems like everybody's going home * They're on the phone, they're saying "Love you I'll see you soon * Be with you by tomorrow noon * Tell little Jez and Lu I'm on my way * It's Just another day"

CHORUS: And I'm wishing now I didn't have to go * How it came to this I'll never know * If I could turn around and try one more * But they're boarding now at gate thirty four

I'm calling just to tell you that I'll soon be going through that door * Can't talk much more. But thanks for everything we had * All those times both good and bad * If there's a way that we could start again * Guess I'll board that plane


They're gonna close the aircraft, It's the last call for flight fifty three * Guess the call's for me. But there's nothing more to tell you now * I have to go now anyhow * And I guess I won't be calling anymore * We've said it all before