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Madalina © John Johns 2008

She finished her cappuccino * And started heading for the door * As she glanced in my direction * It seemed I knew her from before * Older but still beautiful * Just Like so many years ago * Guess we’d still be together * If I knew then what I know *

CHORUS 1: Hey Lady I know your face * From another time another place * Takes me back to another day * So long ago so far away * And I’m wishing we could be there today *

Down near San Marino * Between the mountains and the sea * There’s a place we used to go to * No one knew but you and me * We spent time there together * I remember that day * We thought it was forever * So sad it never went that way *

BRIDGE: Hey there Madalina * Do you remember me * And that Summer spent together * The mountains and the sea *

CHORUS 2: Hey there Madalina * It’s just a memory * Another place another day * That Summer seems so far away * And you’re looking as beautiful to me * Yes You’re looking as beautiful to me