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No Reason To Stay © John Johns 2009

I would leave here tomorrow if there was somewhere else to go * If Iíve learned something new itís just that thereís nothing new to know * If you sow what youíll reap - then I guess Iím just reaping what I sow *

So take a day - take an hour - take a year * I donít care * If you hang around this old town * Anytime youíll find me here * Iím Goiní nowhere * But Iíll keep on believing - some day Iím leaving - Goiní somewhere *

Iíve said that Iím leaving - got no reason to stay * And if I meant what I said Iíd be headed down that road today * But when you say what you mean you donít always mean you mean what you say *


If I choose doing nothing - itís just that thereís nothing here to choose * And if Iím losing nothing - itís just that thereís nothing here to loose * No good-days no goodbyes no good news *


I see the same old places and the same old faces every day * The same old tavern and the same old card games we play * And I keep on asking for one good reason to stay *

CHORUS * Repeat last line